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Cybersecurity Trends for 2015

In Homeland Security managing editor Glynn Cosker presents the first in a series of short videos outlining current cybersecurity trends and predictions for 2015.

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BYOD and Mobile Computing

BYOD best practices call for mobility governance team

Mobile devices increase employee productivity, but there's a big price to pay in terms of a greater risk of data loss. To combat that risk, enterprise mobility management systems and best practices are a baseline requirement for companies going mobile, whether that means implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy or outfitting employees with operational mobile devices to do their jobs.

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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big Data Next Act: Amplifying The Vox Populi

It looks like big data’s next act – after helping Obama in 2012 – is to amplify the vox populi (or as my language teacher Miss McNamara translated on the day we literally covered an entire blackboard with Latin phrases, the voice of the people).

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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

You need Good Data before you can have Big Data

Analyzing data can help businesses to make smarter, more real-time decisions based on historical facts and forward-looking predictions or forecasts. So while the new generation of business users understand the value and nuances of data and want to use it to drive their decisions, the first step to achieving this is to collect the right data in the right way.

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Cloud Infrastructure

4 tips for managing the cloud in today's mobile-first enterprise

Here are four things every enterprise needs to do in order to successfully develop and manage cloud in today’s mobile-first enterprise.

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