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BYOD and Mobile Computing

BYOD: Why the biggest security worry is the fool within rather than the enemy without

While IT departments are geared to scouring the internet for potential threats the biggest issue they see is the careless employee with mobile devices.

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FireEye identifies cyber espionage group possibly tied to Russian government

The country of Georgia and the Caucasus, Eastern European governments and militaries, and various security-related organizations including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have been the targets of a cyber espionage group – referred to as APT28 – that is believed to Russian, according to FireEye.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing: CIOs are taking back control, but is it already too late?

The IT department has taken responsibility for cloud computing decisions which were previously made by business execs keen to get started with the technology.

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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

A Call To Action On Big Data

Companies that adopt superior capabilities in data-driven decision making significantly outperform their competitors, and this advantage will only increase over time. Most organizations, even those that have made investments in big data infrastructure and tools, are still trying to formulate the high-value business questions that new sources of data and more powerful analytics can help them solve.

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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big Data Taking Industries by Storm

The potential for eliminating waste, returns, and inefficiency in a number of industries – simply by getting insight into what’s happening and analyzing it more-granularly – makes the potential for big data really exciting.

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