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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big Data In Retail: How To Win With Predictive Analytics

In today’s hyper-competitive sales environment, buyers compare prices with a click and share their experiences on the Internet—good, bad, and ugly. So retailers are increasingly turning to predictive analytics in an attempt to out-crunch their rivals to success.

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How corporate America can fight cybersecurity threats

The C-suite can’t tackle the problem without help from the U.S. government and non-governmental organizations.

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Cloud Infrastructure

The Hidden Waste and Expense of Cloud Computing

Mistakes include ordering too much power, not shutting down in off hours.

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BYOD and Mobile Computing

BYOD: Better stay used to it

There are three main approaches to securing BYOD: IT policy, training and technical solutions.

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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

4 Ways Government Agencies Can Overcome Big Data Privacy Concerns

While the new Congress plans to begin an in-depth review of privacy, security and data issues, agencies can already employ a number of best practices for getting the most out of big data without sacrificing the privacy of personal data.

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