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Cloud Infrastructure

How to overcome the cloud-savvy IT talent shortage

The effective use of cloud-related tools remains the biggest challenge for IT organizations, while accurately defining costs and implementing charge-back models is a struggle in the business and IT relationship.

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Storage & Data Management

Flash And Cloud: Best Friends With Your Business

Flash storage is a huge game-changer for your business. Not just for desktop and portable computing, but also in the cloud.

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Michael Daniel: Cybersecurity in need of new approach

Efforts to improve the security of cyberspace have fallen short due to a general inability to grasp the economic and psychological dimensions of the problem, said White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel.


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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big Data: Media's Blockbuster Business Tool

To keep up with these new media leaders, the old guard must learn new skills and seize the opportunities presented by all this data.

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BYOD and Mobile Computing

Is containerization the best approach to BYOD security?

Containerization, which separates corporate and personal data on a BYOD device, is one approach that enterprises are taking to provide security in a BYOD environment. But is it the best approach to BYOD security?

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