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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Computing Sliver Lining

Tech giants are waging a price war to win other firms’ computing business

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BYOD and Mobile Computing

The new California BYOD rule--and you

As if CIOs don't have enough bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, issues to worry about, now comes a new court decision from California that requires companies to pay for much of their employees' device use.

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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big Data: Facts and Myths

In this special guest feature,  Al Nugent, co-author of the guide “Big Data for Dummies,” looks back at some of the definitions and predictions from the book and see if they still have relevance in today’s technology landscape.

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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics for Better Business Results

The concepts behind Big Data have been around for a while, with many successful business analytic solutions having been adopted by businesses over the last few years. A challenge of Big Data is in determining how best to glean advantages that positively impact IT’s ability to efficiently ensure the balance of infrastructure cost, risks, and performance to support those lines of business.

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White House cybersecurity bigwig sees his IT security ignorance as an advantage

In an interview with Information Security Media Group, Daniel argued that the most important parts of his role are "looking at the broad strategic picture," and "being able to analyze and break down really complicated public policy problems and present them in a manner that makes them more amenable to analysis."


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